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Welcome to Swan Planet, I'm Graham Swan and I've been designing successful websites in market leading template builders since 2007.

With rich experience in WiX, Weebly, EKM Powershop, Yola, Instapage, Cybertill and more, I have learnt how to push the boundaries of what most would expect to achieve with a template based website builder.

My designs in the WiX platform have seen me accepted as a member of the WiX Marketplace of WiX Partners.  

The Arena is a WiX's own worldwide register of approved designers.  

Wix Arena _ Wix Partner

View my WiX Marketplace portfolio here

The concept is simple, together we choose the best template supplier for you, I design a site in that builder and you take over ownership of your finished website.

A website is your billboard, your window to the world and it is my view that your site should reflect the ethos, the character and the individuality of your business.


What makes your business different is what will make your site different.


At Swan Planet I will take the time to work with you and design a site you will be proud of and more importantly a site that gives your customers the confidence to use your services.

Recent Swan Planet design in Wix

What makes your business different is what will make your website different