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Do you need a multi-page website?

I have found a growing trend of small businesses requiring just a small single page website.


These websites are essentially a digital business card.


In the past if a potential customer asked for your business card and you didn't have one they were surprised. The same is now true of websites, if you don't have a website they may be put off using your services.

That's where single page websites from Swan Planet come in. I can design and build a fully functional mobile responsive single page website in Wix, with a landing area, an 'about us' section, services section and a contact form* for £299.

The website would be built in your own account in Wix and you would have full access to perform updates of content etc. yourself.

I'll add Google friendly 'must haves' for Search Engine Optimisation and also verify your site in Google and Bing search.

What if you need a larger site in the future?

No problem, you aren't tied to a single page website, as your business grows your website can grow too!


Multiple pages can be designed and added to the site. 

the battery shop.jpg

Any other costs?

Your yearly hosting costs with Wix would be in the region of £100 and you can even subscribe to Wix hosting monthly for approximately £13 per month.

Like to now more?

I'd love to hear from you so please feel free to get in touch and discuss your options.

* To give your new site a good start in Google the contact form is actually on a second page within your site, so although this product is essentially a single information page, Google will view it as multiple pages.

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