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Their template

Together we choose a website template builder, based on your requirements and budget. In most of the major providers there are many pre-built templates which can be redesigned to suit, although I will usually design and build from a completely blank canvas.


To start with you create a free account with the template builder supplier (free accounts have supplier branding showing on your site). At the end of the design process you can if desired upgrade your site paid account which will remove the suppliers branding.


It's my view that anyone can build a website within a website template builder, however I also believe that your website deserves to be a reflection of your business and my designs use all of the tools available to ensure this is the case!


Although my favourite solution is without a doubt WiX (this site is built and hosted in WiX) I have experience working with Weebly, Yola, EKM powershop and Cybertill.

My design

The design process essentially starts with an interview, where I can ask you the questions that make my design match your company ethos and USP's.


All the way through the design process you are kept in the loop and totally up to speed with what is happening and where we are in relation to launch day!

Your website

Once we are ready to launch, you sign off my design, take over ownership of your website and continue your own content management. I can also offer content magagement packages on an hourly rate if you decide this is a better process for your business.

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